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HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT! BFD has joined the Scout Fantasy Team of Winners and Experts and we are ecstatic! Never fear, we'll still be bringing you most of your favorite BFD content again in 2016 that you've grown to know and count on to help you dominate your leagues this fantasy season! Our famous BFD Coaching Tree and Preseason Draft Reviews of real early drafts in the best formats we all play and love are back! Weekly in season content will come from BFD and Joe Jefferson at Scout's site and our famous weekly free BFD Fantasy Football Podcast will go on with our season kickoff show this Tuesday night, 8-2-16 at 10 PM EST!



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Meet your Coaches:

Joe Jefferson

Joe Jefferson

Lead Editor

Joe is the Lead Editor of BFD and was named as one of the top 10 high stakes fantasy football players in the world last year by fftoolbox! He looks to improve on that this year with another big season for BFD. He and founder Lou Tranquilli competed and worked together for years in the high stakes fantasy football community and Joe is now leading the BFD team. Joe has been playing fantasy football for over 25 years and has become a high stakes fantasy veteran with a tremendous winning history.

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Dave Terpoili

Dave Terpoili


Dave Terp has had tons of success building winning teams on DraftKings.com and was a 2014 winner of a free trip to Bahamas as a finalist for the King of the Beach with 100 players vying for the top $1 Million prize! He will be providing exclusive weekly reports and blog on our Daily Games Page.

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Lou's Blog #5

Lou’s Blog #5
Lou Tranquilli for BFDFANTASYfootball.com

The Football Stuff

From the “You know you’re in trouble when” department you start kickin the tires on some veteran QBs and you come away with the options of Daunte Culpepper and Josh McKown. That’s a problem and the 49ers face it right now…

From the “You know you’re in trouble when part deux” department you are looking at your starting WRs and they include a rookie, a 2nd year WR with a grand total of 25 receptions and a 3rd year player with career catches totaling 35. Wouldn’t it be nice to see what Jason Campbell could do with some serious WR weapons?

Terrell Pryor is the problem, not the NCAA. I’m so sick of those that do wrong coming back and explaining how what they did isn’t that bad. And the evil empire is after them, and only them…BS, he knew what he was doing and he shouldn’t have been eligible for the supplemental draft. Now word is his attorney will appeal the 5 game suspension immediately upon Pryor getting selected in the supplemental draft. That’s perfect, own up immediately to doing wrong…Question for you, did you have an “attorney” when you were 20’ish years old? I know I didn’t, as a matter of fact the only people that did at that age were those doing something wrong…

Jonathan Baldwin MIA from the Chiefs camp. I guess he and Todd Haley are not hitting it off all that great? Haley is notorious for being tough on WRs, and when he is and when they respond you end up with guys like Keyshawn Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin and Dwayne Bowe having their best seasons ever…Ends up Johnny Baldwin got his a#@ kicked by Thomas Jones...

Just a heads up, if Eli Manning isn’t a top 5 QB. He’s damn close, Aaron Rodgers took years to get the starters gig; Eli didn’t. Drew Brees had to switch teams before he became one of the best in the business, Eli didn’t. Peyton Manning has been unreal, but given a game right now I don’t know that I’d pick the older Manning over the younger. And Tom terrific? He lost to Eli Manning in the Super Bowl, and Eli has accomplished one thing Tom hasn’t. He lead his team downfield for a TD when they needed the win. Adam Viniateri became a legendary kicker in the SB for a reason…I’m just saying…

The Lions are everyone’s love story this season. I like them too but the Packers and Bears will have a few things to say about Detroit making real noise this year. Detroit is relying on a QB that hasn’t made it through a season, a 2nd year RB that hasn’t made it through a season and a stud WR that hasn’t made it through a season. Oh yea, and a TE that hasn’t made it through every season without missing time. Add in a defense that has been put together in Free Agency at the LB position and you have yourself a receipe for a nice 8-8 season…

I just love how Colt McCoy is getting so much love now, look back at the early season rankings and you’ll see we had him ranked as a #2 QB then. We don’t mess around here and won’t stick guys in slots because “he’s Colt McCoy”. I’m looking for reasons guys can succeed and Colt has the reasons…

The Giants will win the NFC East because they have the best coach in the division. The Cowboys will finish second…sorry Eagles fans…

Fantasy Football Stuff

Mike Tolbert bumps up a round and Ryan Mathews moves down a round. Making Tolbert too expensive and Mathews valued about right…

The Jets passing game should be very good, but they will be relying on a 37 year old WR and a WR that hasn’t played in 3 years. Tell me why again they didn’t want Edwards back in NY?...

Brandon Marshall has me scared for FF purposes, he did have better numbers last season than you think but man the whole Dolphins situation worries me. I wouldn’t be shocked to see the Bills finally climb from the basement of the AFC East with Steve Johnson and CJ Spiller leading the FF way…

Julio Jones is really creating some FF buzz right now, he’s also being elevated up drafts and looked at as a sure fire FF starter where people are selecting him…

Rashard Mendenhall with a couple of catches last night, that was nice to see for BFD subscribers…

The Personal Stuff

I was driving along, listening to the radio and taking in some football talk on Sirius. As I’m listening my 12 year old is sitting with me and there’s a Steelers guy doing an interview. Nothing special said other than the broadcaster thanking the Steelers rep for coming on and talking some football.
Then my 12 year old asks me a great question, and it really was great….she asks:
“Dad, what’s a Steeler”?
Whoa…that hit me like a ton of lead (sic) and got me really thinking on so many levels.
I was able to have a long and very nice discussion with her about just what a Steeler is and how her grandfather (my dad) was a Steel hauler truck driver through a union and what a union is and was and just what was so important to the country about Steelers and the steel business and how it’s changed so much and a city like Pittsburgh was a steel Mecca of the steel industry. (Sorry, long run on sentence but it really was a great conversation) and it goes on….
We got to talking about political correctness (and how it annoys me) but as it apply to sports and football. How it’s part of the naming of teams and the history of the country.
Think about it, the Steelers, the Cowboys (would be offensive today because they carried guns), Chiefs (Even though they are in charge, it still has to offend someone), Redskins (had to fight to keep the name. Ridiculous), Super Chargers (A reference to the military really? Or a horses? ), Bills (one of two teams named for a person, Buffalo Bill who gasp! carried a gun…. and so many others including my girls favorite team…the Packers. Nothing politically correct about the names and a piece of American history to discuss almost every night…

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